Who we are:

When you're out on the fringe, no one else to watch your back and living from job to job, your crew is your family. When you find that defining moment, when you're surrounded by people that'd throw down their life for you and you for them. When that moment comes, you'll know you're a Browncoat. When the differences between your crew doesn't create contention, but benefits the whole and the reward isn't the treasure, but the moments gaining it, you'll know you're a Browncoat.

What we do:

Browncoats is committed to a mature family-oriented casual raiding environment. Anyone is allowed to enjoy any portion of the game while flying with us. The orientation of the guild is for casual raiding and getting everyone to feel as welcome as possible. Due to this casual atmosphere, we aren't the fastest progressing guild, but we get it done and we enjoy each other's company while we do it.

Who to Contact:

Everyone contributes on this ship and no one is considered above another. If you're looking for special treatment and a free pass, you best keep on movin'. You want a place you can contribute to, and in turn feel welcomed? Contact any of our officers in game or via the forums.